Thursday, April 17, 2014

national poetry month, day seventeen: michael fraser


Some days I play soccer in my suit,
insinuating myself into pick-up games
fresh from work. I prefer the furnaced heat
of summer. I hate Wednesdays. I've spent half
my life looking for the perfect poem. I love a
bird who makes her nest in Toronto. I thought
I found the one, but thorns survived the snow. She left.
I have many regrets. I once owned a pet iguana.
He died in a fire in 1993. I lost everything,
but found myself. It's cliché, but true.
I discovered photograph ashes make me cry.
I spend my time walking through biographies.
Time scented on paper. I see my life as a movie.
Will Smith could play my part. My favourite colours
are chocolate brown and sky blue. These days,
I wear what fits. I need to lose two bowling balls
to be at my high school weight. The high point
of my life was jumping out an airplane. What
I loved most was the green silence. They now
say the universe will expand forever.
Everything moving away from everything else.
I can explain later, If you'd like to meet.

Fraser, Michael. "Personals" Poet to Poet. Roorda, Julie and Elana Wolff, eds. Toronto: Guernica Editions, Inc., 2012. 152.