Sunday, April 28, 2019


we hadn’t see any wildlife
along the highway the entire
time we were on holidays.
halfway home, it was still
all trees, pines and firs,
fireweed covered foothills,
fog enshrouded mountains
and cascading waterfalls—
beautiful, yes, but not
what we had hoped for.
we decided we’d ask God
to make it happen, and why not?
not long after we saw
a bear trudging along tall grasses,
a moose standing calmly on the shoulder,
a bald eagle circling over a small lake,
mountain sheep traversing
a sheer cliff face, one slipping
and recovering juvenile
causing us to catch our breath.
we all felt such joy and wonder
at those moments, nature
presented to us in bite-sized chunks
of glory, an answer to prayer
and the gift of coming home.
even without pictures,
that shared experience still
reminds us that seeing
something together
makes every journey full.