Saturday, March 19, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - April is National POETry Month

as i did last year, i plan to write a poem a day for this year's national poetry month (it's national poetry month in both canada and the united states), or NaPoWriMo. over the past year, i have managed to write approximately 50 poems, and trust that this april will inspire and challenge me to generate another 30.

in canada, they have chosen a theme as a prompt: the road. you might choose to celebrate the roads we travel, the roads we wish to travel, the roads we’ve found and made and cherished. you might want to write bout the roads that brought you to poetry, the roads most important to your literary journey, or the roads in your future, in our future, in the future of poetry in Canada.

next month will be an opportunity to gather and corral all the various phrases and lines that have yet to find a home and see if i can build something with them.

perhaps you might do the same.

what say you?

will you join me? 

(NPM Canada)
(NPM United States)