Sunday, April 30, 2017


1.   this is where i ask you for permission.
2.   there are things i must tell you but i must tell it slant.
3.   i weigh the words carefully, and you weigh the words carefully.
4.   polish. over and over.
5.   there are no containers for holding light.
6.   unless bodies.
7.   so emptied we reach for stars.
8.   or other bodies.
9.   permissions.
10. more bodies.

11. sometimes the way forward is through.
12. i know that’s a cliché.
13. does that make it any less true.
14. do we embrace clichés because they are true.
15. truth is derived from the proto-indo-european root deru.
16. or is it dreu.
17. they’re both true.
18. i’m working at being steadfast.
19. let me find my roots here.
20. shape my hands into instruments of peace.

21. there have been so many conversations.
22. volleys and volumes and side glances cast askance.
23. grant me an audience.
24. friends, lovers, countrymen, lend me your ears.
25. gather to me.
26. all the prophets.
27. open up the dark.
28. gather up everything that leaks out.
29. build whatever best houses. 
30. i give you permission.