Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the images

someone has requested that i make the specific images from the books in recipes for kneeling available for viewing so, as promised, i have obliged.

these are the 12 images (click on them for details) that were placed inside the lightbox/books. the initial stages involved a combination of collage images and more linear woodcuts as well as drawings. thanks to my wonderful webster's and my etymological dictionaries, as well as the input and contributions of both friends and strangers, i had numerous images and ideas to reflect on as i developed the images. at first i was unsure about including text in the pieces, but as the images developed and began connecting to each other, i decided to complicate some of those relationships by introducing text as simply another way to point the viewer or reader in certain directions.

the texts don't always function the same way -- sometimes they seem to confirm or affirm what's happening in the images, and sometimes they create a dissonance or a friction in the interpretation. and really, that back&forth is an essential part of what i'm interested in as that means that the viewer must make a decision as to how they will 'read' a piece, and then that reading will be complicated when they engage with the next (or another) piece.


Dave said...

Thanks for posting these - it is great to see them up close like this and very different to see them out of context.

I don't think they lose their power at all, and in fact jar me in a bit of a different way like this.

Whereas I had to take a space in between viewing each image at the exhibit, here I can see them right up against each other. It creates a more manic feeling and a more immediate response (though likely not one that will stick we me as long as the actual exhibit has).

techne said...

as long as the images and texts resonate somehow...

becky said...

very intersting, etechne. wish i could experience the exhibit.