Wednesday, October 8, 2008

recipes for kneeling

i recently had my first solo exhibition in quite a few years. i've been in group shows, and have been working, collaborating and presenting workshops, but it was nice to do an installation again. over the next few weeks i will be posting the various drawings and notes as a way to document the process, and eventually i will post images. in the meantime, here is the statement:

recipes for kneeling

Books have always been the main raw material for my work. Richly metaphorical objects, they symbolize knowledge, story and communication. Books are objects with cultural value, with a human scale and dimension. We all share the experience of holding and even cherishing them.

Light is associated with knowledge, revelation, unveiling. We may seek it, or run from it.

In recipes for kneeling, the symbolic weight of light (as well as its absence) is combined with the metaphorical richness of books. Images and text suggest connections between the books as well as between the books and viewer.

The title for this installation, recipes for kneeling, evokes questions. What is meant by “recipes”? What is meant by “kneeling”? How are they connected, if at all? This questioning is a way to open up ideas for the viewer to explore and to find their own place in the work.

This is a contemplative space. The room is dark and quiet – take time to wait.

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