Sunday, March 8, 2009

consider contributing to my next installation

i am working towards a new installation, which will involve 2 main elements:

1. a wall of "God's eyes" or ojo de dios (the small yarn crosses that are also symbolic "eyes") - which means hundreds, if not thousands, of them. you can get more information about how to make them here and here and here.

2. 100 [small] drawings on paper. these drawings will be based on a figure template i've created that i would like you to interact with. you can draw on it, paint it, collage it, translate it into other media (such as photography, ceramics or wood, video, etc.) as long as you send me the original or an image/ copy of it for my research files. the point isn't how artistic you are but how you engage with the image symbolically. if you could title it or name it (or include a quote, song lyrics, or some sort of literary reference) that would be helpful as well. i would like to acknowledge your contribution to the installation as well, so don't forget to include your name when you submit any pieces.

if you are interested in contributing and participating, simply leave a comment here and i will send you the PDFs of the figure (and the ojo de dios if you want). make as many or as few as you wish. pax.


Shelley said...

I made about 20 alterations of your figure. I was going to make 1 but then I had more ideas. The first one was detailed and I think it's pretty dumb, but I like the ones of the man under a sewing machine, being attacked my mice, turned into a lamp, sitting in a flower, being worn as a necklace around some lady, staring at her cleavage, sitting on top of the world... I guess I didn't alter him very much sometimes. I liked putting him in all these situations. Ha ha ha!!! It was like having a human Stuart Little. Strange. I'm not normally a controlling person...weird.

techne said...

i'm looking forward to receiving them...thank you for jumping in!