Monday, April 13, 2009

huh. "moving pictures".

on may 6, 1895, auguste and louis lumiere demonstrated the first movie projector, the cinematographe, in paris, france. it projected its images out onto a screen, unlike thomas edison's kinetograph, which was a peep show that the viewer looked into, and it weighed only 20 pounds compared to edison's half-ton invention. the first film they showed was workers leaving the lumiere factory. the movie opened with a concierge unlocking the gates, showed people walking through, and ended with the concierge closing the gates again. they made more than 2,000 films like this, without plots or characters, and thought of them just as moving pictures, and despite the thousands of people who lined up at their viewings every night, the lumieres thought that movies would be a passing fad and auguste went off to school to become a medical scientist, and louis went back to working on still photographs.

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