Friday, June 25, 2010

edward presents: we are artists

just thought i'd plug an upcoming workshop i'm conducting called we are artists. who are we? it's an exploration of a number of issues that impact us as artists, and specifically artists of faith, and we will be discussing questions around identity, training, community and Truth.

it's only $25 (which also includes supper) and takes place from 1:30-7 on july 4. if you're in the edmonton area, and are interested in attending, please contact dave at there's only room for 15 so sign up early. if you can't make it, but are interested, let dave or myself know and we can always work towards another presentation.

anyway, i'm pretty excited - i love connecting, challenging and encouraging fellow artists and creatives. i love resourcing people, throwing around ideas, engaging with passionate intelligent people. that brings me joy.


techne said...

and it's full.

Wenda said...

Can I just say, Edward, that you should be consider doing this more frequently. The opportunity for artists, and particularly those of faith, to meet, discuss, ponder and grow within a community, is so rare but so necessary. And you are good at this. You are very good at it. All I could think of after the workshop was how fortunate I have been in being able to know you and to benefit from your knowledge.

It would be so great for many other artists of faith our there to have similar opportunities to get together, be challenged and build community. Keep walking out your calling, artist/teacher. And thanks for doing it in my neck of the woods. I am blessed because of you.

techne said...

wow. thanks wenda. i'm humbled. truly.

i do hope to do this workshop (and others) again. i've often thought that i could be a helpful consultant for artists and organizations (of faith or not). ultimately, these things only happen through relationship. people have to believe in you and what you have to say.

until then, i'll just keep pressing in.