Sunday, June 6, 2010

a question: what is creativity?

here a few questions from art:21 (part of their teaching with contemporary art resources) inspired by a conference at the guggenheim called thinking like an artist: creativity and problem solving in the classroom.

  1. what is creativity?
  2. what does creativity have to do with education?
  3. why design? (i.e. asking questions and solving problems.)
  4. why does creativity matter beyond the arts and beyond the classroom?
  5. what comes next? (i.e. creativity and the future of education.)

i love joe fusaro's response (at the art:21 blog) to the first question: what is creativity?

creativity is the ability to see and craft possibilities, and to give these possibilities form or a venue for expression and understanding.

what would your answer(s) be?

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techne said...

some more questions about creativity:

- can creativity be taught?
- what role do mistakes play in creativity?
- how does play influence creativity?
- how do we as teachers talk about ways people get ideas?
- are there essential skills involved in being creative? if so, what are they?