Friday, October 8, 2010

invitation: your thoughts, like stars

i received the invitation for my solo show in november at profiles: art gallery of st. albert. they did a great job considering all of my pieces are still in process. they combined several of the elements that will be in the exhibition: books (natch), cosmological images and light. i will be posting more information about the pieces in the next week. for now, here are the invite images:


Jack said...

Looks great!

techne said...

thanks -- the opening reception is thursday, november 4 from 7-9. the exhibition will, of course, include books. and lots of text. and some interactive elements (that's right, i would like your thoughts).

i would also like to invite you to contribute used books to further projects.

in particular: Condensed Reader's Digests, Harlequin romances (small softcovers), "Audubon's 102 Favorite Birds of North America", old bibles, books about icons/ mediaeval manuscripts.

in general: Art books, encyclopedias, Dover publications, maps, atlases, anything with lovely old woodcut images - the older, the better.