Monday, November 8, 2010

CAAG group show (a wrap-up)

off the wall, the CAAG (canmore artists and artisans guild) + guests group show, is now over. there were a lot of very good pieces by numerous artists, including wood workers, ceramicists, glass blowers and textile artists. my piece felt like the odd one out (though i did borrow a quilt to cover the tent in which my books were placed).

the piece i had submitted was a different installation of whisper, one which required visitors to physically enter the piece's space. on sunday i sat in the space and spoke with visitors. people engaged with many of the pieces, but the comments i heard about mine included "clever", "beautiful", "unique", "fun" and "very profound". at one point, a small boy and his mother entered, and stooped down to look at the pieces. i told them they could handle the books and he went to town...he crawled inside and began rearranging the books, even moving them all out of the tent so that his mother could join him. it was neat to watch. it was a bit of an experiment, placing the books inside something, and one which i will revisit; namely, the idea of inviting people to enter into a 'warm', "safe" place in order to read the books. i know it worked for at least one person. while i was away in st. albert last week setting up for your thoughts, like stars (a solo exhibition), i received the following email:
Edward, your Whispers installation in the Canmore gallery made sheets of tears cascade down my face. You created a profound experience for me. The last time I was so moved by art was a Gustav Klimt exhibit in NYC 4 decades ago. Thank you for creating and sharing something so powerful.
that is pretty humbling. i'm still curious as to what exactly this person was experiencing and responding to, but that is pretty powerful. you want your work to impact people deeply, whether intellectually, emotionally or spiritually (or, hopefully, all three at once). personally, i want my work to change people - to shift them; to bring healing, hope, revelation, transformation. to open them up. is that asking too much?

i think not.

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techne said...

i did hear back from the individual i mentioned in my post. here's what they had to say:

Each of your books spoke directly to something latent within me. "Called me out onto the mat" so to speak. It inspired hope, affirmed healing I was already feeling, reinforced perceptions that were shifting--and still are, to inform a new coming of age. The messaging was so precise, so perfect for where I was at, that it felt destined for me.


Kneeling before your books was like having God or angels whisper into my eyes so that I could see how my view of myself and my reality was creating gravity in for my spirit.