Monday, November 15, 2010

your thoughts, like stars: the video

once again, my friend larry haas of the idea factory has made a wonderful video capturing my exhibition at profiles: art gallery of st. albert. enjoy.

(and comment.)


Josh said...

This was really useful to get an idea of the show. The black and white woodcuts with gothic lettering seemed a new development, in that they looked like an 'artist style'. The 'audience comment cards', although genericish seemed to be a fitting appropriation of audience interaction for your practice. Between seems like a great piece with the sand and the text, I can't get over the actual card itself looking like a home decoration though..

Josh said...

Hi, also this prompted me to do a short write up of a text based art project I did recently, you can see here:

Cheers. Josh

techne said...

thanks josh - and happy new year!

i'm really appreciative of the videos too - larry rocks! in fact, 'm going to explore video this year and make a few video pieces. nothing too extravagant, and nothing too interminable (i find too much video art requires me to spend too much time watching without making the pay-off worth it). they definitely do a better job of capturing the work, and installations, than still images.

i am wondering what you mean by "home decoration" re: between. are you referring to the image? text? is it the gold? the layout?

i think i'm abandoning the lightbooks for a bit -- i need to figure out a better way to install the light source while making it easy for people (and gallerists) to open them and replace the lights if necessary.


i have found some wonderful LED panels but the cost $60 for a 4"x6" panel. that's a bit steep for me. we'll see. i need some space - i'm going to concentrate on drawing this year. "get the rust off", as it were. and i have seven beautiful old church pews i want to work with.

Josh said...

Interminable, good word, had to look it up! I agree any video I ever do is always 15 seconds - 2 minutes. Like a punk song...sort of.

r.e Between. I think seeing the sand on the floor just signals me to think of conceptual art, Anish Kapoor piles of pigment or something. And then there's an alien piece of 'art' crash landed in the middle. It just seems very decorative - the texture, print style skeleton image, the mirrored lettering.. and to me (ignorance included, plus thousands of miles of fibre optic internet cables in between-) it looks unsophisticated. And I don't get the impression that decorativeness is something that the work is commenting on. I guess I feel like there is a discrepancy between the content and the form.. What if the piece had the title made of earth, made of stars, but it consisted of a lifesize super real sculpture of a naked human, lying on the ground (a la Ron Mueck)except its just made of plain sand, really brightly lit so it glints...

The light books look really interesting, and hard to understand how they'd function as art without actually seeing them in life..

Hope you take my thoughts as they are - just knee jerk ignorance! Looking forward to your new work.

techne said...

thanks josh - that helps. i appreciate your thoughts re: between. the 'decorativeness' (or 'prettiness'?) of the piece doesn't bother me so much. i wanted a sense of preciousness to it, hence the gold and shiny sand. and i wanted the image to be fairly straightforward and direct - aka unsophisticated

; )

i have to say, though, that i like your image of the sandcasted body. i might just steal that. i wanted there to be an implied or metaphorical body - that is why the lights cast the viewer's shadow over the piece - which is how i see books in many ways: they have spines/ backs, head(er)s, a foot, a left side and a right side, thoughts...

i am definitely interested in making things as literal as possible. oddly enough, that's often when they become most usefully metaphorical.