Monday, January 3, 2011

be it resolved that...

i don't really make new year's resolutions. so i thought i might instead set some goals for 2011. naturally, there are a lot of personal things i want to work on: being a better husband, playing more with my boys, spending more time with G-d, exercising patience, making better use of my time, getting better at call of duty, exercising more, etc. - but there are also a number of things more directly art related that i hope to accomplish this year. so here they are:

  • last year i had 3 exhibitions - this year i would like to have 4, including at least 1 in a city where i haven't previously exhibited
  • complete 5 new pieces, whether individual pieces, installations or large-scale series (i already know that at least one will be a video piece)
  • curate 1 exhibition
  • refine my lightbooks so the light sources are easier to replace for potential buyers/ gallerists
  • develop a commercial line of my work, whether paintings, prints or even cards
  • i have developed a 3 session workshop that focusses on our identity and calling as artists -- i'd like to present that workshop again this year
  • apply to at least one grant for personal/ professional training purposes/ conferences
  • write poetry again and submit pieces to 2 magazines, or else work towards a chapbook of my poems 
  • finally start work on my screenplay/ novel
  • practice playing my guitar (i miss leading worship) - i suppose i'll write a song or two, and hopefully we'll sing one in our church
  • consolidate all my various notebooks and sketchbooks, and only use one at a time
please feel free to ask me how any of these things are progressing, and let me know if you have any suggestions for resources that relate to any of these areas. i need all the help and encouragement i can get.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2011, Edward!

I don't make resolutions either but I look forward to the day that my list of goals looks something like yours.

I do have a problem with writing ideas for paintings on post-it notes and different notepads and sketchbooks (even on the Sunday bulletin at church). So I will,like you, also try to limit my sketching and writing to one sketch book.

btw; keep fiddling with the settings, your link isn't updating yet.

techne said...

well, they are goals...something to strive (in the best sense of the word) towards.

i'm just getting tired of piles of miscellaneous papers. i'm simply too much of a pack-rat.

Wenda said...

A great list! I look forward to how the year progresses for you and to being a part of your work as a viewer.

techne said...

one more thing: i want (need?) to get a website up and running for my work. hopefully for free or cheap. i'm currently looking through wp-folio and simpleviewer etc. wordpress isn't as easy to navigate as i thought. i know that blogger allows for additional pages, but i'm not sure if that's a good fit either. of course, the biggest issue is that i have an idea of how i want the site to function, but that may not be available for free...