Saturday, April 4, 2015

NaPoWriMo - day four

they didn’t know

on this fragile saturday
i think on these words:
they didn’t know.
they didn’t understand.
i am too much like them –
uncomfortable with mystery,
afraid I’ve misinterpreted
the signs, or read
too much into them.
three days? really?
and I have nothing here
to measure this promise.
did I hear rightly? something about
a temple, something about
a kingdom, something about
dying and rising
and dying.

i don’t trust myself,
my inconstant memory.
the murmuring question
of what to do now?
i am not alone in this,
walking these streets
in a cloud.
the sky seems darker now.
the night longer.
the silence louder.

perhaps tomorrow
will be better.
perhaps tomorrow
shall have its answers.

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