Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NaPoWriMo - day seven

psalm two (version one)

so much anger.
so much scheming.
so much positioning.
so much subterfuge.
so against.

this is to protect you.
this is to strengthen you.
this will elicit laughter.
this will give rise to mocking.

there will be wrath.
there will be displeasure.
there will be a king.
there will be a mountain.

there will be a declaration:
this is my son.
these nations are yours.
this is all yours.

there need not be crushing.
there need not be so many pieces.

so be wise.
so be a king.
so be teachable.
so be full of care.
so rejoice.

so greet each other with a holy kiss.
so avoid anger and judgement.
so little asked.
so blessed those who trust.

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