Thursday, June 10, 2010

(adam), a prototype

i recently finished a new piece, which is intended to be one of a series (or a piece with several elements). the series is called (adam). the context is an exhibition of artists' books. the original intention was to produce 7 books, which would be strung together and would collectively be my height. which i still plan to do. the various books will correspond [roughly] to the 7.5 heads theory for drawing human proportions (a la da vinci's "vetruvian man" etc).

i remember reading somewhere once how the book as an object has a lot of human descriptors: it has a head, a foot, spine, left side, right side, it has thoughts and opinions...and that led to the use of (adam) as the title, in turn also referring to a'dam, hebrew for 'earth', hence the sand. this in turn led me to reflect on how the same elements comprise everything in the known universe. you can quote either job or moby here, but the earth we walk on and the stars in the heavens both come from the same place and are made of the same stuff. more to come.