Tuesday, April 14, 2020


i too often fail 
to pay attention 

there are too many distractions 
so much to do 

but i’m getting better at resting 
the trick is one of balance 
the way one places their feet 
just so 

i know only to make 
myself available 

i just keep walking 
i rehearse the words 

try to remember how it felt
when you touched me 

make note of when the season changes 
the quality of light 

the shift in birdsong 
the way the air moves 

i forget how little changes 
and how much 

how often i discover 
beauty when I least expect it 

how beauty is a gift 
my hands sift 

i miss being awake 
late at night 

i miss when everything was 
less insistent 

i want to be asleep 
before the storm comes