Sunday, July 24, 2016

a 17th anniversary poem

let me not be an impediment to you
in this, our seventeenth year, when
struggles array themselves against us
arrogantly. let us raise our weapons then,

make a mighty roar, a great shout
as we rattle swords and spears and shields,
raise standards and emblems and banners high
into the sky, arrayed in bright, shining armour;
expose barriers and traps and arguments.

various resistances shall attempt to dissuade us
as we adventure on -- i make no false guarantees,
no promise of ease. i can only attempt to fulfill

vows declared before a great cloud of witnesses.
let me confess i still have many small hopes.
i still love you and your stalwart heart -
even in the midst of the cloud of battle
that hides our true faces: i will fight for this privilege.