Friday, March 11, 2011

NextGen: Canada!

i don't post much here about my museum life, but i am currently the director/ curator at a small(ish) community museum. it's been an interesting 5+ years, and i am constantly learning new things about how to run a museum (and frankly, i wish the learning curve would plateau every once in a while). i basically oversee all the museum's operations, from programming and exhibitions to marketing and promotions, and from governance and grant-writing to strategic planning. i recently received word that i was accepted to the NextGen: Canada program. here's the blurb:
NextGen: Canada is a multifaceted learning and career development program offered in collaboration with the Alberta Museums Association (AMA), the Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University (GLI@CGU), and the University of Alberta Museums.
As museums continue to grow into the twenty-first century, the next generation of leaders should have the latest and best skills at their disposal. NextGen: Canada is based on the GLI@CGU’s internationally respected Museum Leaders: The Next Generation program, but has been designed by Canadians for Canadians. The program is dedicated to providing a career development opportunity to exceptional museum professionals who have a desire to develop their leadership abilities, an ambition to build capacity within museums of any size or scope, and an aspiration to be directors or hold senior leadership positions in the museum sector.
i'm very excited, and honoured, to have been selected. there will be 19 of us, from all over canada - from the maritimes, prairies, central canada and the north - and from numerous types of museums and galleries. i look forward to learning new things, and developing my leadership 'tool-kit', but mostly i am excited about meeting 18 other individuals with passion, creativity and vision. you can view the announcement and PDF here. stay tuned...