Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NaPoWriMo - day twenty and one


she sits there quietly,
your head nestled in her lap –
restful. at the confluence
of myth and religion,
an image of purity wrested
from its roots and watered
with grace. how we find
the meaning of things:
this animal represents that,
that colour betokens this,
this gesture bespeaks thusly –
how do we refine these stories?
what fires will be required
to purify the past
and make it fit for us
to drink in

in this century, this time
of wrestling. so many
secret potions
portioned to heal
so many poisons.

come here, now, and see.
draw close and enter through the gate.
let the wounded heart
stab through the cloud,
that light encompass us;
a comfort to lift our head
before you bring us home.

Instructions for Telling the Truth by Chard deNiord - NPM21

Begin by removing one article of clothing at a time, slowly,
until nothing's left to take off and no one's watching.
Patience, patience, as your words replace your garments
and suddenly you're standing alone in the square
like a flower that speaks in silence with so many tongues.

deNiord, Chard "Instructions for Telling the Truth" The Double Truth. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011. 15.