Tuesday, April 19, 2016

gently, now

it’s all about the smaller gesture
whether dancing, or giving, or sex.
the intimate expressions of intention
and the hope of surrender
(or something like it).

i don’t trust anyone that tries that hard –
there’s something somehow desperate
and self-serving about extravagance.
better still to treat things as if they are delicate,
as if they are rare and beautiful and fragile,
like Fabergé eggs.

may these words be a gift to you,
from one royal to another royal;
let me be humble and you gracious.
let there be peace in the city
as you open them up;
let there be surprises
that bring a smile to your lips.

it can be a small smile –
perhaps even a sly smile.
we know what secrets we share.
we know these words
are larger on the inside,
there is always room for more.