Friday, December 31, 2010

the eLABorations are about to begin...

starting tomorrow, i will be a starting a new blog: eLABorations.

this ‘blog will be an extension of my ongoing series in which i use slogans and phrases superimposed over various images. as a way to add another variable into the mix, i have invited some friends to play with that idea collaboratively.

what i am interested in is the juxtaposition between image and text, and how the change in image shifts how we 'read' that image - i.e. how we interpret it - in light of the text.

each month i will be posting a minimum of 10 images, which i have paired with a randomly chosen text of my choice. the resulting combinations will be posted here on the first of every month, for the duration of 2011.

i hope you will drop by and visit regularly (or at least monthly), and comment on (and perhaps even discuss) how the images and text dance and inter-play; especially as the project moves forward.

it all begins tomorrow...