Wednesday, April 15, 2020


it’s been such a long day 
this week     everything changes 
so quickly we forget 
how it feels to smile at strangers 
say hello in elevators     ask 
how is your day?     and 
is this too small?     it isn’t 
enough walking outside 
we find the loneliest places 
to wander as families     as couples 
or whatever human unit fits 
still the turned faces     all eyes 
suspicious or perhaps fearful 
faces now     rarely full 
of hope     we hear little 
conversations circle around fear 
this little thing eats at the edges  
of every good thing     a shared meal 
the laughter of friends 
the excitement of your lover 
a song that that makes you want to dance 
even if you’re not     a good dancer 
lose yourself     in this body 
given to you     and all of us 
in blessed remembrance