Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1000 artists' books

in july of this year i discovered an opportunity to submit to a forthcoming publication by quarry books entitled 1000 artists' books. there were several categories to which i could submit, but the most applicable sections were [obviously] objects as books/ books as objects (sculptural books) or conceptual books (installations).

i submitted 5 different pieces for their perusal:

100 pieces
recipes for kneeling (version one)


recipes for kneeling (version two)

in the past few days i have received word that i have made the cut and one of my pieces - recipes for kneeling (version one) - will be included! my friend dea fischer has also been accepted (you can check out her loverly work here and here).

it will be quite an international representation - there will be artists from australia, new zealand, south america, south africa, japan, the UK and parts of europe. i can't wait to see the variety of approaches these artists take as they explore the idea of the book, its form, its functionality and mechanics, its bookness.

i'm so looking forward to this.


pcNielsen said...

Nice! I do like the kneeling installation; it's worthy of the show.

techne said...

thank you sir! i can't wait to see the work published. and i'm really looking forward to all the other artists - should be a pretty amazing book. i'd get a copy regardless.