Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NaPoWriMo - day twenty nine


standing on the bleachers,
getting ready to sing,
my youngest son looks out
at the gathered crowd,
searching for me
while i try to catch his attention
to let him know i am here.
his eyes lock onto my eyes
locking onto his eyes
and a smile brightens his face.
he waves eagerly
as he sees me
seeing him.

was i like that as a boy?
i don’t remember.
all i know is my son
will know my eyes are on him,
he brings me great joy,
his smile is my smile.

i will be this father:
he will walk in the knowledge
that he blesses me.
i will bless him
with both hands.
i will bless him
with words of life.
i will bless him
with joy, and he will know
he is my song.

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